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Corktown Tavern is a 21+ venue
Open at 7pm

Starting this Oct. 27 we will be open from 11am-2am with a new food menu to be unrolled in the next few days.

Voted best prices in Detroit 2012 and best underground indie venue in Detroit 2013!


Open Monday - Saturday at 7pm.
- Special guest DJ's
- Internet jukebox
- See schedule for more info
(ask about special beers)

Mondays: $2 Mondays
$2 High Life/ $2 well drinks/ $3 16 oz Genesee Ale

Tuesdays: Dudesday
Jay Strangler Bartends
Blake Spins Ear Busting Rock
$2 PBR/ $3 well drinks/$3 16oz Blatz

Ladies Night with your host Miranda
$2 High Life / $3 well drinks/ $3 16 oz Genesee Ale

Lacy of Detroit 442 spins the best punk in the city!

$2 PBR/ $3 well drinks/ $3 16oz Genesee Ale

Check the calendar for any changes to the weekday schedule

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