Corktown Tavern

Tavern: A place of entertainment, a house kept up for the accommodation of strangers… Sure, we all started out as strangers, but what happened was the creation of an amazing family in a great neighborhood nestled within a big city. What was once Stella’s Steakhouse, the Stadium Bar & the Batter’s Box is now known as the Corktown Tavern. The original Tavern was demolished when Tiger’s Stadium was built, but the spirit now lives on at 1716 Michigan Ave.

A new favorite for lunch, serving a $2 menu, the Tavern is also becoming a great place to watch the local games. Our food and drink specials are a great reason to visit and return.

The true spirit of the Corktown Tavern stems from its rustic attic, where local and national acts gather for amazing Rock & Roll. A shot and a beer atmosphere that draws folks from all over for shows and gatherings.

Downstairs lies the neighborhood bar. A great selection of beer and liquor, decorated with all things Detroit and Rock & Roll. With so many hot spots popping up, the Corktown tavern is proud to just be a local bar with great drinks, food and prices. As you belly up to the bar, be ready to be surrounded by characters of all sorts… with stories to tell. And be warned that we were listed as one of Detroit’s 14 Bad Decision Bars.

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